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GammaTile Therapy (STaRT)

  • Internal radiation implant

  • Targeted to the tumor site

  • Treatment begins immediately at completion of brain tumor removal surgery


GammaTile Therapy

GammaTile® Therapy is an implanted surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy also known as STaRT.[1,2]

About the size of a postage stamp, the bioresorbable GammaTile collagen tile contains 4 radiation seeds. Placed by the neurosurgeon at the completion of brain tumor removal surgery, the GammaTiles immediately begin delivering targeted radiation to the area where the tumor was removed, limiting radiation exposure to healthy tissue.  


Over time, and after the therapeutic dose of radiation has been delivered, the body naturally absorbs the collagen GammaTiles. No follow-up surgery for removal is needed.  



The Stupp protocol

Named after its founder, the Stupp protocol consists of external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) and oral chemotherapy with Temodar®, also called temozolomide, or TMZ.[3]

Stupp protocol[3]

  • 4 weeks of EBRT, 5 days per week (Monday – Friday)

  • Combined with 4 weeks of daily oral chemotherapy (TMZ)

  • Followed by a 4-week break from treatment (no radiation or chemotherapy)

  • Then 6 more months of TMZ only (5 days per month)

Radiation and chemotherapy are combined to optimize treatment results.[3]



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